Goodbye Ingeus… June 10th 2011 (D Day for Ingeus)

AS the Ingeus contract is finally terminated on June 2011 to the cheaper tenders out there for the universal credit starting in September, I for one will not be shedding a tear. I look forward to welcoming all the staff I met at Ingeus during the dismal times standing behind me on the dole queue. Serves you all right.

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MWRA Mandatory Work Related Assessment (How to screw it up)

Ok well if your unlucky enough to get put on this and your forced into the four weeks work for your giro mentality from Ingeus, (MWRA) then don’t despair. Simply do what the others did and work at 40% capacity, turn up late, pick your nose in front of customers, turn up drunk, finish early, falsify your timesheets and do everything you can to sabotage the stupid company who got free slave labour from you. Its funny how many employers will have you for free yet they wont take any notice of you if you want to be paid. Of course if your placed at something you really want, then go for it, I suppose its the lesser of two evils, either that or the jobcentre signing on the dole again. Let us know how you got on of course.

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The unemployed are lazy!?! Really?

I don’t think so.I keep hearing about why don’t you do this and that from the Ingeus advisors who are paid top whack at £27000 PA to so called “help you or empower you”. Truth be told they should really be helping by calling up the employers, after all the job seekers do their bit, signing on and looking for work at the jobcentre. Vince Cable keeps muttering on about 3 million jobs, hmm where are these jobs Vince, care to explain? Or it it another spin from the party of spin who snugged up to the tories, yeah we belive you lib dems. No tution fees lol.  So… if the jobcentre empowers you to look for work, that is what you get your benefit for? What is ingeus for? To do the exact same thing then? What a waste of taxpayers money…and they talk about the unemployed taking all the money. I shudder to think how much was wasted on these jobcentre quangos pretending to help the unemployed. They should spend the money on attracting investment into deprived areas. Hounding people into work thats not there is NOT the answer!

Another low life tactic with Ingeus is they spend even more taxpayers money, farming out the unemployed to their own list of 3rd party companies some are called Microcom, JHP, Work wise and Wise Start. This is where you are suppose to do slave labour 4 weeks stint for no money at either a charity shop or cleaning toilets. Some get to go to poundland while others have to sit at a screen all day looking for work, which is what you already do at home so it really defeats the purpose.

Still thankfully Ingeus will be losing their contracts on June, as the government tender for the new universal credits is introduced in September the Labour funded Ingeus quango is bound to be doomed to even cheaper alternatives.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Ingeus!



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Why this site exists?

Why not! I feel it is my right as a British individual to speak up under freedom of speech to campaign against this or any other company that has an affect over my life and as I am unemployed after having working in IT for several years and been dumped on the “dole” due to the lack of money and the recession, it is my god given right to spill the beans. Until someone can pick up the phone and get me interviews with employers and get me off the dole queue for good (which is what Ingeus was supposed to be doing) then I will continue to take your state handouts of Jobseekers Allowance at £130.90 per fortnight, Council Tax rebate of £550 per year, free council rent money of £2500 per year and put my feet up with a cold beer of Tennents lager in my hand and watching the World Cup until people out there really help me instead of pretending to, like the muppets they are.

p.s. I’m not rich I now have to sell my car after failing to secure employment after a year and a half as I cant afford the insurance and road tax, this is only getting worse. Sadly this will also limit to where I can look for work now. I don’t really care anymore now, I have lost all sense of hope and I’m in despair mode, those who were supposed to help me are guilty of protecting their own jobs and not helping the unemployed. I can only hope PM David Cameron is reading this and puts himself in my place to understand whats going on here.

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Snippet from Australian newspaper

The following has been taken from newspaper

Rein caught in British job-search contract storm

OPPOSITION Leader Kevin Rudd’s wife has snared contracts worth more than $198 million in the British privatisation of welfare-to-work programs for disabled people.

But her firm’s win has infuriated charities and unions, who say the contracts fail to guarantee union access or generous civil service entitlements for staff, according to The Guardian.

Ingeus, the $175 million global job placement firm owned by Therese Rein, insists it “openly facilitates union membership” and pays staff “well above the industry standard”.

But the British civil service union fears the firm will circumvent regulations that protect entitlements if staff are transferred to a new employer.

An Ingeus spokeswoman said the company’s British venture, WorkDirections UK, had been advised that those transmission-of-business regulations did not apply to this tender process. The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations, or TUPE, guarantee portability of conditions such as index-linked pensions, sick pay and holidays.

“WorkDirections UK pays well above industry standard salaries and benefits for staff, including double matched pensions,” the firm said.

Ingeus also said it would offer interviews to existing staff of the previous program, New Deal for Disabled People, in regions where it had won four-year contracts. But it could not confirm whether any accrued staff benefits would be transferred or paid out by the British Government if those workers were hired.

As the dispute erupted, Ingeus also flagged plans to expand across Europe from its toeholds in France, Germany and Britain.

The overseas expansion follows Ms Rein’s decision to sell her Australian operations to avoid any conflict of interest with her husband’s job.

The multimillionaire announced the sale of subsidiary WorkDirections Australia in May amid revelations that the firm had inadvertently underpaid 107 staff. The underpayment was rectified voluntarily.

Two months later, the firm was stripped of almost 30 per cent of its Job Network offices after an audit questioned its performance.

The British Labour Government is moving to privatise job search services once supplied by its Jobcentre Plus agency. The replacement scheme, Pathways to Work, has outsourced the work to private firms and charities.

WorkDirections UK, a subsidiary of Ingeus, has won six of the first 15 contracts put to tender, with a further 16 yet to be awarded. It will take over services in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Nottinghamshire from December.

The firm was told it did not need to apply TUPE conditions. But rival bidders in the charity sector did factor in the cost of TUPE and are crying foul, blaming unclear advice from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Ingeus Europe chief executive William Smith, who ran the bid, said the charities that had missed out were “whingers”. “Frankly it’s their own fault,” he told The Guardian. “They should have bloody read the questions and answers documents.”

The chief executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, Stephen Bubb, said the tendering operation was a debacle.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union, said: “Not only has the voluntary sector been used as a Trojan horse by the private sector, the Government has handed a large chunk of work to a firm which is failing and mired in controversy in Australia.”

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How to complain about them

I have sent the Ingeus company and Downing Street links to this site and a message about them. Let’s see how long it takes for the reply. If anyone else wants to email them both here is the addresses:
Downing Street

Good luck and lets get this campaign going….

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Students account of Ingeus UK

The following was taken from Prospects UK website

Work directions so called helpful advisors its very interesting subject !
I was out of work few years ago due to a disability that affected my hands
its not nice being out of work and claiming Incapacity benefit as to be honest they put you through so many hoops to get it. However I decided I wanted to get back to work. So having seen the Ad for work directions I thought lets give it a try. So I rung them up arranged a interview with a advisor. when got there very nice young lady greeted me, my hand shaken
and we started to go over what skills I had. I had recently retrained in IT and had some real credible skills to my name, all this was done independtly as I wanted get back to work. Few appointments down the line and we started talking about jobs that would suit me, its very hard to say what you want to do when put on the spot but of course I had IT skills which were what most jobs were looking for & still are actually. I was given quite few job Ad’s one of which was a caretaker & sat job in chemist to name but a few, all of which I didn’t really want to do, after I turned down couple this is where it started to get bit uncomfortable, I was told by this young lady “You have got to get a job for me and for you” for me I thought as I sat there, surely these appointments are not about u ! there suppose to be helping me get back in to work. it was after few appointments where the bullying started I thought wait min here, I come ere voluntarily and you start bullying me so you can look good to your management team and hit your targets. I was having none of it, so I cancelled the following appointments, to which I was bombarded by e-mails & calls from this advisor @ first politely asking me to go back and then saying to me in one fone call “I’ve been looking in to seeing if you have to attend out appointments” what a dam cheek ! I wanted a job now shes getting all hevey handed with me & threaten me that my benefits were going to be stopped if I didn’t see her. I think once she found out that wasn’t going to work after looking in to it she started on the Ms nice
act again. What interests me about half these so called advisors is the bulk of them don’t even live in london, they are stuck up & pompus and think your beneath them ! Indeed I witnessed on number occasions ambulances being called as clients got upset, on one occasion lady was hyperventilating terrible they took her away. So graduates before you go and work for this company that Gordon brown embraces think on! Most of the advisors are just bullies! I did go back to work directions but this time I really stuck my heels in and never let this little Ms pushy bully me in to anything, but the jobs were still lousy what she was giving me, I eventually found job myself which of course she was ecstatic about and she just couldn’t wait to fill in my paper work to say WD had another success story on there credits. RUBBISH! Bullys Bullys Bullys

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